I love the touch of the wind


[Something I wrote years ago]

Beautiful days, beautiful times

Things feel so right to me these days.

My mind is at ease. I feel so light, so relaxed, so pleased that it sometimes bores me, thus I keep myself busy by finding things to do.

As I walk all by myself along the streets, I feel so relaxed and free. It is impossible to feel down, when you see right before your eyes the beauty of life. The pavement profusely covered with old yellow leaves. The touch of the wind on your face and hair. The warm and gentle atmosphere. The quivering of leaves in the light breeze. The image of a father and a daughter walking hand in hand, smiling, laughing. The feel of your feet stamping on the pavement. The subtle movement of skirts. The perverted stares. The flirtatious looks.

I strolled along one familiar street the other day. As I admired the sight of leaves on the street, I saw a man sweeping the old leaves to a corner. That saddened me, in a way. I know it sounds silly, but I would like very much that he leaves the pavement just the way it is. Those old, good-for-nothing leaves are so beautiful, the mere sight of them soothes my mind. They might look old, shriveled, lifeless individually, but the concentration of them draws so magnificent a picture I hardly can describe.

Sometimes when I am alone, I feel most free and relaxed…

The only thing I could just do, is to indulge myself in this warm and gentle atmosphere.

And pretend to myself that this moment will stay forever..

7 thoughts on “I love the touch of the wind

  1. Hi there, Minh Thi. Such a lovely name. I have a friend named so too. A friend I’ve left behind since I was forced to befriend with English and places where no Vietnamese often used. I’m a Vietnamese too, like you, and I love dearly our mother language. But seeing your trying to approach one of the most popular tongue in the planet Earth, I want my first self-introduction to you here in English. It is my appreciation to your studious manner, and interest in the self-improving side of yours.
    Alright, enough of flattering (just kidding, I’m sure there’s more pieces here about you that I will have to admire). You may cal me Vịt, and I know you in the KDrama topic of High Society aka. Giới Thượng Lưu in website Kitesvn.com. I read you posts about New York and it happens that I was just be there also. That city is always my inspiration that I even dream of occupying that specific place as one of its natives. I’m not bored of it yet, at least for now lol.
    By the ways, talking about cities and places, do you mind reviewing the Japanese Shibuya? I love crowded places, and I’m very curious about Shibuya. As after reading Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and Kanehara Itomi’s Snakes and Earings, Shibuya appears thrilling and attractive but also dangerous and weary (figurative). My apologies if you find these two books too awkwardly erotic. I myself don’t understand that taste of Japanese culture too. But as my above confession, it is though disappointing, it is attractive beyond figurative expression.
    I choose this post as our first encounter because somehow it creates in me a sense about your conflicts: happiness and sadness, fullness and emptiness, loneliness but satisfaction… They are beautiful and very human.
    Thanks again for your touching writting. I’ll be back. Maybe in Vietnamese, if you prefer ^^
    Have a good time, Minh Thi.

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    • Hi Vịt (hihi),
      Thanks a lot for your interesting comment. It’s been a long time, in fact, since someone posted a truly thought-provoking comment on my blog, so I greatly appreciate it of you. 🙂

      I’ve never read Snakes and Earrings, but to me Norwegian Wood is really not that erotic. It’s simply a coming of age story. I don’t even find it sexy. It’s just another novel to me. To be honest, I don’t find any of Murakami’s novels erotic or sexy. Maybe I need something sexier, haha.

      I’ve been to Shibuya, but only briefly. I don’t have enough knowledge of the place to write about it, unfortunately. I’d love to return to Japan one day though. Maybe I’ll write it after the next visit (and hopefully it will happen soon).

      So what do you like so much about New York specifically? 🙂


      • Hey there, thanks for the quick reply. Honestly, like you in Shibuya, I haven’t had any chance to stay long enough in New York to know all about it, or even come to all of its typical attractions, though I’ve visited it several times and gained some different memories, both personal and ordinary. Like Broadway, I would not recommend Opera’s Phantom as it’s too cheesy and sleep-provoking (^^ mind me copying your vocab style) to me, The Lion King or Mamma Mia suits better to active youngsters. But, you know, just my personal judgement.
        And like the majority of tourists and even Newyorkers, I love the lively, noisy, crazy, and overwhelming, and even intimidating NYC. Last time was there, I witnessed a gay parade with guys wearing thongs, see-through tops and bottoms, girl with bare chest and painted top (but you’d know the chest is bare, obviously). A guy flirted with me and his girl gave me a look that made me secretly sneak out away from them. But you know, the people there are like themselves, they show their color, and they accept a daring freedom, off course within the safety standard, as the NYPD is one of the most effective guards of US. You see police almost every where in NY. And during my time, the week of Obama’s legalizing gay marriage, NYPD even worked harder.
        By the way, I stayed near Time Square. Not costwise at all, but it did save me transportation time and energy, as I walked a tremendous amount of miles every day I was there that returning to my hotel is a miracle when I couldn’t feel my legs. But my little sister, who is twice or thrice my size, was very happy and ready to walk any time.
        By the way, you have siblings, don’t you?
        Ah, about Snakes and Earings, I actually like it better than Norwegian Wood. It’s not a novel though. And I don’t think I like any novel from Murakami. Maybe they’re way beyond my reading level, or I’m too Vietnamese traditional that that type of sex behavior is… uh, no, thanks… I agree with you Norwegian Wood is not that sexy. I actually read the Vietnamese translation by Trịnh Lữ, he praised the book so so so much, and I finished it in three days, only remember Shibuya haha
        Well, see you again, wish your next trips come soon and wonderful the way you want!

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        • I wonder what type of sex behavior you were referring to.. BJ? I hope you don’t mind but I guess you’re very young, 🙂 Things like that take experience to fully understand.

          Funny that I really like Phantom of the Opera. I like the setting, I love the atmosphere and the music, almost everything. Only that at times I could not really catch what they were “talking” about since they kept singing in very high tone. 🙂

          I have an older brother, yes. Why? 🙂

          Thanks for your story about New York. I loved it.


  2. oh there’s typo in my rep.: Call NOT Cal as in “you may call me Vit”, and Being NOT Be as in “I was just being there”. The second seems to be a grammar error 😛 Anyways my bad.


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