behind the mask


Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Once I watched TV with my father and caught a piece of news on a carnaval.  I remember they used this Oscar Wilde quote.

It left quite big an impression on me. I was confused, at first, wondering how it could be true. But then I gave it some thoughts and found it really interesting.

As we appear before the world as we are, somehow we cannot be always true to ourselves and others. Sometimes you need to conform to norms, whatever they are, to be socially accepted. You are afraid to say what you really think, to do what you really want because you don’t wanna be judged. Or you are afraid to lose face, to have your good reputation ruined.

But suppose, no one knew who you are. You would be free of your own prison. You would not be afraid to show your true self.  You could be most truthful when your identity is safely hidden.

Isn’t that great? I know it sounds naive, but it is my wish that people be more truthful. The world would be much simpler and better this way.

Too bad even I cannot do that sometimes. But I wish that someday I could disguise myself as a different person, so that I would be most myself. I would do everything I want to do, which under this name, I don’t dare to.

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