Salut, bel inconnu


(I don’t particularly like the film, but I love the artwork)

(This post was written in…2007. I re-post it here in memory of my old self – which has not really changed that much when it comes to…hmmm…guys :”>) 

I was just standing by the shelves, looking for the magazines I often read, when I saw you. You were sitting on the lounge, holding exactly the magazine I was to take. Naturally, my eyes caught yours. It was just an instant, but I did see you. Broad shoulders, chin length hairstyle, thick eyebrows, mature-looking face. I knew there was no way I could resist such a type.

For a few minutes, I was reading half-heartedly, well aware that you were still there. I was telling myself you were watching. Then I looked up and saw your eyes staring at me again. They were so blue, the way the sea would look in a summer day, sparkling like crystal. You smiled at me. The kind of smile I’d not seen for so long.

Salut, bel inconnu. I would want to approach you. I would love to say to you those words that popped up in my head that instant. I would be happy to look into those eyes one more time.

But I was, as always, a silly, shy Asian girl. I walked away. I walked out the door, away from you, from one of the many people who would have been the love of my life. : ))

P/S: feel free to laugh : p

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